[Concert] Aerosmith - The Best Of (Video Collection) (2XDVD5) [2011 ? ., Hard rock, blues-rock, glam-rock, Various (TV, VHS, DVD)]-[DVD5]

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Aerosmith - The Best Of (Video Collection) (2XDVD5)

Genre: Hard rock, blues-rock, glam-rock
Duration: 1:29:12 + 1:23:57
Year: 2011
Label: Home Video
Des--cription: Aerosmith (colloquial "Smith", Eng. Smits) - a popular American rock band.
Though aerosmitovtsev often called "bad guys from Boston," for any of the participants this city is not native.

Steven Tallarico (Tyler), Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton had first met in the town Syunapi in the late 1960s. First

came from New York, the second of Massachusetts, and one from New Hampshire. In 1970 they decided to form a group and

found that Boston will become an ideal base. Guitarist Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer supplemented

composition, and in 1973, Aerosmith released their self-titled debut album.
Over the following years the band released a string of successful records, toured and enjoyed great

popular, but then ran into problems of drug and alcohol addiction, which nearly became

cause of the collapse. In the difficult period of 1979-1984 Perry and Whitford left Aerosmith, but largely due to the efforts

manager Tim Collins, the original structure was rebuilt, and the group has actually revived. Since Aerosmith

achieved even more than in the 70.
Sold 140 million albums Aerosmith, 66.5 of them - in the United States. This is the highest result among

American teams playing hard rock, and the second in the world after the Australian AC / DC. In terms of gold, platinum

and multi-platinum albums Aerosmith first American groups. Smith got 21 songs in the Top 40, 9 held

first place in the charts in the mainstream, the group received four Grammy Awards. Aerosmith had a strong influence on the


different music styles, combining in his work elements of hard rock, heavy metal, pop, glam, blues and rap.


Come Together
Dream On
Chip Away The Stone
No Surprize
Lightning Strikes
Let The Music Do The Talking
Walk This Way (w/ Run DMC)
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
Rag Doll
Love In An Elevator
Janie s Got a Gun
What It Takes
What It Takes (The Recording Of)
The Other Side
Sweet Emotion  91
Livin  On The Edge
Eat The Rich

Crazy (Director`s Cut)
Blind Man
Deuces Are Wild
Walk On Water
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
Hole In My Soul
I Don t Want to Miss a Thing
Full Circle
Fly Away From Here
Girls Of Summer
Just Push Play
Baby, Please Don t Go


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